stephanie and miss cora bell talking on the front porch

Miss Cora Bell

We got the sad news that Cora Bell went to heaven today. Miss Cora was 101 years old and lived a full and joyful life. She was a prayer warrior who blessed the Parramore Community with her husband while raising 10 children and many others.

She helped Stephanie, and many other women and children of Orlando, through some very dark times. She was a great blessing and supporter of One Heart, and we’re sure she’ll continue to do so from above. We miss you, Miss Cora!

Melvin Pierson

It’s always great to hear good things about what we do from appreciative clients. Melvin is a client that found One Heart by driving around looking for resources after moving to the Orlando area. Many of our clients are in transition and just need help to get through temporary circumstances.

stephanie hugging longtime volunteer richard

Richard Marshall

In 2014, Richard drove by our One Heart office three times before turning around and stopping in to ask what we were doing. It was a Saturday Sale Day, and we were just about to close. For the next two hours, Richard and Stephanie talked about life, helping others, and how we have done that in our lives.

From that day forward, every single month for 8 years, Richard volunteered in one way or another at One Heart.

Richard Marshall passed away in January 2021. He was an amazingly dedicated, compassionate and loving volunteer. A friend to Stephanie and everyone at One Heart for Women and Children. He is truly missed but we know he’s an angel watching over us.